Teething Tips

Perhaps you are an expecting mum and you are already interested in finding out more about the teething process and keen to get some tips and tricks on how to deal with with. Or perhaps your the parent of a teething baby and are seeking some non medical guidance to help you navigate through this stressful period of baby’s life. Which ever situation you find yourself in, here are some tips on how to deal with teething pain.

For example, teething gels and mouth ulcer gels can provide fast-acting, soothing relief from the pain and discomfort of teething, mouth ulcers and sores, as well as dentures.

  • Hugs and cuddles

Sometimes there’s nothing like a big hug and a few cuddles to make your baby feel better. This sign of affection from both mum and dad will help reassure your baby and comfort them during these distressing times.

  • Teething Gel

Specially designed gels also known as teething gels can help provide fast acting pain relief to teething babies. These gels must be applied with a cleaned finger and rubbed onto baby’s gums. Please always consult your doctor or pharmacist before giving any form of medication to your child.

  • Analgesics for infants

Analgesics are medicines designed to reduce pain. Some of these medicines are also antipyretic, meaning that they can also treat fever. If your child’s pain or fever is a result of teething, and providing you have sough medical advice from your health professional, these products can be an additional tool to help soothe baby.

  • Barrier creams

In certain babies, teething brings about excessive saliva production and drooling. This dribbling onto the child’s chin can cause irritation of the skin and rashes. In order to protect baby’s skin some parents recourse to barrier creams, which when applied properly provide a protective layer over baby’s delicate skin and reduce the chances of developing an irritation.

  • Massaging Baby’s Gums

It’s claimed that very gently rubbing a finger over baby’s sore gums can help alleviate the pain caused by teething. It’s also thought that this process and help teeth to cut through the gums. A teething gel can be applied to lubricate your baby’s gums and provide additional relief.

  • Teething Rings

Some parents swear by specially designed teething rings. Indeed, Babies love to chew on things when they are teething. It has a similar effect that the massage in the point above. It helps relieve pain and some also believe it can the piercing milk teeth cut through the skin faster. For added effectiveness, some parents place the teething ring in the refrigerator so that it’s chilled (but not frozen!). Cold can help numb bay’s sore gums.

  • Teething biscuits or rusks (Babies over 6 months and already on solids).

Providing that your baby is over six months old and under the condition that they are carefully supervised to minimize the risk of choking, some advise to give your baby a sugar free biscuit or rusk. 

  • Cold foods and drinks
Cold foods such as cold puree or cold yogurt and cold drinks such as refrigerated baby formula or milk, or even mildly chilled water can help numb baby’s gums and provide temporary relief from teething pain.