The Symptoms Of Teething

When it comes to pain, grown ups and babies are not different. Everybody reacts to pain differently. The difference is that babies are not able to explain this to their parents. They aren’t able to put words on what they are feeling or able to rationalize. As a result, they can become sensitive and perhaps a little cranky!

What’s more, the first signs of teething often appear several months before baby’s first milk tooth starts cutting through the gums. This can make it difficult for parents to determine whether or not the symptoms which are usually associated with teething – such as fever, diarrhea. skin irritations or vomiting for example – are indeed a result of the teething process or if they are totally unrelated. 

Because some healthcare professionals are of the opinion that teething shouldn’t actually lead to any of the symptoms above, it’s very important to bring your baby to the pediatrician as a precaution, should they show any signs of ill health, pain, fever or discomfort.

In other cases, it’s possible to see the first tooth or teeth piercing or “cutting” through the gums. It’s possible to feel this tooth by gently gliding the tip of your finger over the gums of your baby. But mind your fingers! When teething babies are know to bite on whatever they can find to help the teeth pierce through the gums and sooth the pain.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of symptoms associated with teething:

    • sore and swollen gums
    • dribbling, drooling and excessive production of saliva
    • red, flushed or warm cheeks
    • loss of appetite
    • vomiting
    • a mild fever
    • irritability, crankiness, restlessness
    • baby wants to gnaw, bite or chew on everything they get their hands on
    • a change in baby’s sleeping habits

Unbelievable but true: Some babies can be born with a tooth! Yes, a baby born with tooth is uncommon but true! Julius Caesar and Napoleon are both reputed to have had this distinction. Some think that it is a sign of a great destiny, some think that it can due to mother nature!